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Respect and putting the Customer first.

Having spent the last 23 years within the transport industry, we  have learnt that relationships are built on Trust, Integrity, Respect and putting the Customer first. We also understand that today’s world is a much faster and competitive place. This in turn is forcing companies to focus on productivity, efficiency and utilisation. As well as the environmental and economical impact that their company has on todays society. All of this whilst trying to maintain profits on smaller margins, due to corporate expansion within the sector. 

This is why we  launched Buy Me A Truck.com. We want to make the business effortless . We want to help our customers maintain their pace, and help with future growth. Increase profits through the focus of utilisation and efficiency of their fleet. You are the best person to run your business, that’s why you’re doing it! We are the best at helping you maintain that focus, taking away time consuming but important roles. We can help when it comes to fleet renewals/ disposal, New and Used vehicle sales. Utilisation of ; existing fleet, fleet expansion, finance clearance, Asset Finance, driver hire and much more. 

Having one trusted source to meet the needs of your fleet, allows you freedom to concentrate on your primary concerns, ‘your customers and staff’. Which is your main priority to achieving success . Our customers find that  their time is most profitable when carrying out what they do best, ‘running their business’. Not to have to look for the best deal to save or gain a few pounds. Let us do that for you.  We will ensure that your  requirements are met to a high standard, with minimal fuss and disruption to your core business. All whilst achieving the objectives that you set. 


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